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Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

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Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

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Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

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Incorporating some exercise into the daily routine will help to boost your energy for the rest of the day. It could also mean you avoid a morning cup of coffee until the middle of the day or later, when you may require it more.

It also helps you get through the daily routine with greater levels of self-confidence. This routine can last under 10 minutes or more if you wish to remain in the poses for a bit longer, or repeat the sequence several times.

It really can make a change in the way that the body and your mind begin the day.

Children’s Pose

This posture is excellent for gently stretching your pelvis, hips thighs, and spine which might be a little stiff when you wake up. It’s a great feeling in the event that you’ve been sleeping “wrong” or are twisted. It also relaxes the brain and helps to ease stress and fatigue which is beneficial to start your day starting off with a positive start.

Equipment required: For all these poses the yoga mat is excellent. If you don’t own a mat for yoga it is recommended to use an area rug or carpet (you will not slip onto wooden floors!) to help cushion your knees.

Muscles performed: This lengthens your gluteus maximus, piriformis, and other muscle groups, hamstrings and rotators as well as spinal extensors and many more.

  1. Start by standing with all your fours and feet on the mat.

using your knees directly beneath your hips, but with your big toes touching. You can

Make your toes wider if you feel that they are putting any stress on your knees.

  1. Inhale and notice your spine expanding.


  1. When you exhale, grab your butt

Return towards your feet and bring your chin back to your chest.

  1. You can rest here, with your forehead resting on

the ground and your arms extended out. You could also place your arms on top of your

Body, hands resting your body, palms resting up if you like.

  1. Keep this up for 5 minutes or even breaths.


Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

Cat-Cow (Marjaryasana and Bitilasana)

Two poses that are performed in tandem will increase the circulation of the spinal fluid. This helps to lubricate your spine Stretch your back and the torso and gently massage your abdominal organs. All of these are great to help you get up and get through the remainder of your day.

Muscles were activated: This moves your spine, releases tension from your spine and you can relax your abdominal and back muscles.

  1. Then, push up from Child’s Pose onto

All fours, foot on the floor with your shoulders directly above your wrists and

Hips directly over your knees.

  1. Inhale and then drop your belly,

Letting your back arch, but maintaining your shoulders to the back and downwards (this is

Cow). You can look slightly upwards toward the ceiling.

  1. When you exhale and exhale, gently press into your

Hands into the ground and turn your back to the upper (this is called Cat).

  1. Keep moving, arching your

Inhale and close your exhales inhale, then repeat this process for five breaths.

Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This is a great pose for the early morning as it’s a slight inversion. It helps to reset the nervous system, calms the brain, and helps to energize your body.

It is also a great therapy for sciatica and helps reduce fatigue. If you’re suffering from back issues that affect your sleeping and cause you to be aching and exhausted, this pose is perfect for those with back issues. Try it twice the time as recommended below, or resuming it in between postures in this sequence for 3 breaths at a time.

Muscles were worked: This pose actively engages your shoulders, arms wrists, shoulders, and core. It also will stretch your hamstrings and spine and calves. Most part of you is moving or stretching in this pose.

  1. From fours, push your

Hands and straighten your arms while you lift the hips and straighten your legs.

It is possible to move the space between your feet and hands a bit further from each other, to create a

A longer stride is generally more comfortable and more beneficial. Your heels don’t

It is essential to be on the ground in this area and will not be for the majority of people. “Working

towards the to the” (not walking on toes) is acceptable.

  1. After exhaling Inhale, then press your

hands and use your hands to roll your shoulders back and back, while moving your shoulder blades downwards

Your back and your shoulders to your ears.

  1. It is important that your spine remains in a neutral position here.

You don’t want your back to be straining or your shoulders tore or

Your belly falls too far to the floor with a swing back.

  1. Do at least 5 deep breaths

Here, bend the knee and then the other knee as you go, in order to gently let the back

off for each leg. of each leg. keeping your legs stationary for at least 2 minutes.


Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

One-Legged Dog (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This posture opens your sides and your hips and calms your mind while building confidence. It’s an excellent choice to start your morning with.

Muscles exercised: This pose stretches the side muscles, hamstrings, and hip flexors while strengthening your arms.

  1. When you are in Downward Dog, be sure that you are

thoroughly and equally pressing into both hands, and then take an exhale. exhale,

by lifting your right leg, as you normally do.

  1. If the leg of yours is high enough, it gets, you

It is possible to do this comfortably with your hips aligned to the ground. Exhale

and allow your right leg to be bent, your heel pointing towards your butt, and then

Turn your body so that you are able to move your right leg to open your body.

  1. Inhale deeply here, while taking

is the perfect time to allow the hip and side to loosen up and lengthen.

  1. Straighten your right leg while you

bring your hips back towards the mat and gently return them to the mat while you

exhale. Switch sides.

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

This standing posture is called the “power pose. “power posture.” It is a great way to increase the flexibility of your hips, and improve focus and it can energize your entire body.

Muscles were worked on: Warrior I strengthens your back, shoulders and arms, legs, and ankles. It opens your hips chest and lungs and improves circulation.

  1. Starting with Downward Dog, lift

Your Right toe and the knee of your left foot and towards

toward your nose.

  1. Plant your right foot between

your hands, or the back of your right hand, or behind your right. (If you aren’t able to get your foot in the right place, try placing it behind

As close to your hands as you’d like, just put it down, and then grasp your ankle, and secure it with

On one hand, assist in moving it with one hand, and help it move forward. Alternatively, you can get up to stand and move it with one hand.


  1. After you have planted your left foot

stand up and breathe deeply. At this point, your feet should in the same position.

toes pointed towards the highest point on your mat.

  1. If your foot did not go as far as you thought, it’s because your foot didn’t go as

As far forward as you’d like for this pose. Inch it up now. Once you’ve shifted your stance

Feels stable, turn your heel towards the ground, making sure your back foot

Flat on the ground and with 45 degrees. Your heels should meet with your feet if you are

you had to draw an imaginary line from one end toward the next.

  1. Straighten your back foot and

Your front leg is bent with your knee over your ankle. When you lower your hips a little further,

to deepen the stretch, exhale and extend your arms above the top of your head with palms towards each other.

Another, however, is still parallel at shoulder length. Take three deep breaths.

  1. If you’re ready, then you’re free to go

to return to downward-facing Dog to change legs. Or you can lift your left heel

up to make your feet nearly parallel, and then move forward using your left foot, then make sure to take the time to take a deep

breath and when you exhale breathe, move your right foot in the direction of becoming the back foot.

Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

It’s a pose that seems easy however, it can be a huge help to improve your posture, faith, and the rest of your yoga practice if you perform it properly.

Muscles were worked: Mountain pose works various muscles throughout your torso, legs, core, and arms. The arches of your feet need to be engaged in this pose.

  1. It is as easy as stepping right

step forward to the side from the previous posture or looking down from the Downward-Facing Dog position. gaze

Between your hands and take one step with your hands and step up until you are at the top of

your mat and stand up.

  1. Your feet should be the same color or have

Big toes barely getting to touch, your heels might be separated by a few millimeters or your

It is possible to place your feet set a few inches apart, which will help your balance.

  1. Relax your arms until they’re

sitting on your side, however, you are still at your sides, but you are still. Your shoulder blades are rolling

to the floor and on your stomach, your neck stretched out, and your palms facing toward the front.

Keep them interested.

  1. When you breathe in and breathe out here

Move your weight just a little fraction back and back on your feet, to determine whether

you are actually standing to each side. Think about lifting only your

toes up and spread the toes out, or trying to make all four

corners of your feet support your weight evenly.

Breathe deeply here for 5 minutes.

Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day

Seven Morning Stretches that Kick Off Your Day


Stand Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

The pose relaxes the brain and helps relieve stress and fatigue and anxiety and helps to stimulate the liver, kidneys, and digestion. It’s also as if you’re hugging yourself this is not an issue.

Muscles were worked: Uttanasana works your glutes, spine muscles and quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, and piriformis.

  1. To get to Mountain pose, you can take the time to take a deep

Breathe in, then lift your hands upwards and let them out until your hands meet in the middle of your head.

  1. After exhaling that breath, fold the sides of your body.

At the hip joint (not at your waist) by keeping your torso length and raising to your hips (not your waist), keep your torso lifted.

  1. Your legs will stay straight,

Therefore, you should place your hands in the position that is the most comfortable for you and you will be able to place your hands on your

The ankles, shins, and feet, and even the feet, shins, ankles, or even the floor. You can also apply your hands to the

The backs of your calves, or ankles. (Note that if none of these options is a good fit, you can go for

your body, and hold opposite elbows.)

  1. Be sure to keep your feet steady and

the hips and your heels over your shoulders. While you are there for five deep breathing, even breaths, think about

stretching to lengthen your to stretch your and spine during your exhalations. Relax into your to bend your spine and core

With your exhalations. Completely relax and relax your shoulders and neck.

  1. After you have completed five complete

breathes, let your arms from where they were while exhaling, and rise

Reverse, lifting off your hip joint and your core while you breathe in.

  1. Go back to Mountain pose for 5 minutes

Breathe to conclude the exercise.

The main takeaway

Everyone has their own personal morning routine that includes meditation hot water, coffee with lemon breakfast and working out, etc.

Incorporating a yoga routine into your schedule will help you to relax before you begin your day. It will give you a bit of a “me moment” before putting everything out in the world. Additionally, you’ll exercise your organs and your brain muscles, and your concentration.

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